Система сгорания WOODWARD

Aircraft Turbine Combustion Systems

Reliable, optimized system solutions enable lower emissions and extend combustor life

Woodward meets customer goals for quality, performance, delivery and cost through our breadth of engine combustion products, our integrated approach to components and service, and our mission to maintain a system perspective. By bridging fuel and combustion systems, Woodward offers the engine OEM a unique capability.

The combustion system functionality:

Fuel staging and splitting
Fuel atomization
Combustion sensing

…is architected and optimized in cooperation with the engine OEM through a series of trade studies to meet engine customer ‘critical to quality’ (CTQs) measures.

We proudly deliver the quality and dependability that the global marketplace has grown to expect from Woodward. We offer optimized solutions developed through robust analysis to meet stringent performance requirements, in a shorter time to market.