Device distributing device RU -0,4 kV from panels SCHO


RU-0, 4 кV are intended for acquisition of a low-voltage part of the closed transformer substations by capacity up to 1000 кV. RU make of panels of type SCHO and provide reception and distribution of electric energy of networks of a three-phase alternating current by frequency 50Hz the systems with deafgrounded a neutral, and also, depending on purpose, protection against overloads and currents of short circuit.

Distinguish introduction, distributive, section and face panels. In section panels the opportunity of installation of block AVR is stipulated.

The Panels provide:


• Busbar or cable entering (the supply of the cables from below);

• protection of the transformer and leading line by means of fuzes or automatic breakers;

• work two enterings with AVR;

• work two enterings without AVR;

• single entering;

• the possibility of the connection device account to electric powers;

The Panel of the traffic manager control street illumination:

• manual and the traffic manager control illumination;

• the account of the consumption to electric powers on illumination

The external sizes of panels

The Catalogue numbers
B,mm SchO-98 SchO-70
60 95 95
300 56 71
700 all rest
800 38 all rest

In order to indicate:

Ipv – a current by smelting of the insertion of the fuses, A;

Ktt- turn ratio current transformer, A/5;

Iр- current heat uncoupler automatic breaker, А

Below variants of schemes АВР with different types of switches are resulted