Entered-distributive devices for inhabited and public buildings (VRU)


Entered-distributive devices are intended for reception, distribution and the account of electric energy of a three-phase alternating current by pressure 380/220 In frequencies of systems of 50 Hz with deaf grounded a neutral, and also for protection of lines against overloads and short circuit currents.

Devices are intended for installation in premises electro panel board (except UVRK-1 and UVRK-2).

Application of devices for other objects with the similar scheme of electro supply is supposed.


Climatic modification UZ in accordance with State standard (GOST)  15150-69. Introduction clips of devices suppose joining of wires and cables with aluminium veins of following sections: H

-35 mm ‘-UVRK-1;

– to 240 mm: – other devices (on each input).

Degree of protection of devices in accordance with State standard (GOST) 14254-96:

– ІР 3О for UVRK-1.

– ІР20 for the others

Entered-distributive devices correspond to requirements Specifications of Ukraine (TUU) 04012000.

The note:

VRU-76М Has device AVR a power supply 380V, 250 A.

VRU-78М-4 Has device AVR of a food of loadings of six single, two and three phase switches.

There is a possibility of installation devices of the protective switching-off.

Record example at the order:

“The device VRU 78М-8 (the questionnaire № _________).

The list of entered-distributive devices, let out by factory, their technical characteristics and a recommended scope are resulted in the table.

Schemes electric basic (one-linear) and questionnaires of devices are resulted more low.